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Here at John Turner FCA we take your privacy seriously. This document explains to you what information we hold about you, why we are holding it, who we share it with and how we keep it secure.

Why do we hold your personal information?

We have a contract with our clients to provide accountancy and taxation services and, therefore, the lawful basis on which we hold personal information about you is contract. We will only use your personal information to carry out the services and contractual obligations that we have agreed with you, and we will only hold the minimum personal information we need for these purposes.

What personal information do we hold?

The personal information we hold on you might include your name, address, date of birth, gender, National Insurance Number, Unique Tax Reference, Client Code – generated by us as a personal reference to yourself, bank details, email address, marital status, copies of your tax returns and general correspondence and information supporting entries on your tax returns, proof of your identity and proof of your address.

For employees of the firm we also hold a copy of your Statement of Independence and Confidentiality and a copy of your Main Terms of Employment.

For sub-contractors providing services to the firm we also hold a copy of your Statement of Independence and Confidentiality and a copy of your Contract for Services.

How do we use clients’ personal information?

We use your information to carry out our contractual obligations to you including:

  • the provision of bookkeeping services
  • preparing your annual tax returns
  • helping you comply with your statutory obligations
  • providing payroll services, if required

How long do we retain your information?

We have a legal obligation to retain paper copies of your tax return and supporting information for three years before we archive them for a further four years. We retain electronic data for seven years.

How do we keep your information secure?

We take data protection seriously and have procedures and technical security in place to protect your information against unauthorised access, loss, misuse or destruction. We have obtained Cyber Essentials Certification to help ensure all our IT systems, software and IT procedures keep your information secure. In the unlikely event of a breach we will report the breach within 72 hours and if it relates to your bank details as soon as reasonably possible after we have identified a breach.

Do we share your information?

Legally, we are obliged to share your information with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) & other government agencies to ensure that we are able to meet our contractual obligations to you.

If applicable to you, we share your relevant personal information with our third-party payroll provider.

We also share your email address with our internet hosting company, whom we use routinely to send out communications to you.

If you have asked for specialist tax information we will share your information with our sub-contracted tax specialist, but this will only be with your consent.

We ensure that all third parties to whom we entrust your personal information are fully GDPR compliant themselves.

Do we use your information for marketing purposes?

We do not market or advertise services to clients in addition to the accountancy and taxation services we are engaged to supply. Neither do we give out customer details to third parties for marketing purposes. We do, however, send out monthly newsletters and periodic briefings on topical accountancy and taxation matters to clients via email. We consider it our responsibility to keep clients up to date with topical matters and to give any further advice they may request as a consequence of receiving the information. Additionally, we inform clients periodically of our Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service via email, as we consider it in clients’ interests to know about this service. Our Engagement Letters offer clients an initial opportunity to opt out of receiving this material. All subsequent mailings of material also give clients a simple opportunity to opt out.

Your rights

You have a right:

  • to receive a copy of the information we hold on you
  • to change any information that is inaccurate or incorrect
  • for your information to be portable if you wish it to be sent to another accountant
  • to object to us holding or using your information as described in this document, subject to the firm’s statutory responsibilities to retain personal data.

To exercise any of these rights, email your request to John Turner, the firm’s Data Protection Lead, at These rights can be exercised at any time.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office if you feel there is a problem with the way we are handling your personal information.

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